Family Says​.​.​. (Refugees Welcome)

by Helen Sventitsky

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Hi Bandcamp, its been a while! :) Anyway, this is a song I have written to benefit charities supporting refugees here in Europe and elsewhere. All proceeds from the sale of this track (minus BandCamp's cut) will be donated to, among others, Save The Children, the International Red Cross, MercyCorps, Amnesty International, and here in Germany, SOS Kinderdorf and Refugees Welcome. I will also have a music video to help promote the song, and will also be distributing the track on CD Baby, ITunes and Amazon in the upcoming weeks. Hope you enjoy the music, thanks for your support, and please tell your friends!


Family Says... (Refugees Welcome)

Spent some time down at Hasan's place
clearing glass from his broken window
It was the third time this week
He was told he had to go

I just don't understand, he said
Isn't everyone welcome here
Family says..
You'll have nothing to fear

Meanwhile at some dock in Budapest
Rucksacks thrown in the truck
30 breathing softly in a van
Hoping not to push their luck

The driver counts up his take for the day
Their dreams taking him so far
Family says
Fly close to the farthest star

You say they don't deserve it
They have no right to be here
why they would cross seas and borders
Only to live in fear

You say they didn't have nothing
Sure, if you call wars something
Running from a life cut short
when you only disagree
So comes the time to flee

And in the evening, before barbed wire lines
Families huddle in the cold
Some share the warmth and sawed off tales
Of lives now put on hold
For they dream of a land
where every house has a sign
saying Refugees Welcome here
Family says...
One day you'll join us here

You say they don't need it
For these streets are not paved with gold
They pay to risk to have their throats cut
for some privileges foretold

You say they didn't have nothing
Sure, if you call torture something
Running from a life cut short
When its time to flee
So you too can be free

So Hasan finished his work for the day
Greeting neighbors as they come and go
Sharing coffee and support for his cause
As he looked to where he was long ago

Where he dreamed of a land
where every house had a sign
saying Refugees Welcome here
Family says...
One day you'll join us here

Music and Lyrics ©2015 Helen Sventitsky-Rother/JOAT Music. Rights reserved via Creative Commons


released September 20, 2015
The original backing track was done using Garageband. All other recording and vocals were done using Reaper Digital Audio Workstation for the PC. Composed and recorded between February, 2015 and September, 2015.




Helen Sventitsky München, Germany

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